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Travel Subsidies

We recognise that the majority of our students travel from not only around Ireland but from every corner of the globe. 

We want to do our bit to help you with those costs. So we launched our Travel Subsidy scheme, which will help course participants with the cost of travel with a grant of up to £100. 

To apply for a travel subsidy, please email us with a copy of your accommodation booking for the time of your course as soon as possible (as we have limited grants available) to with 'Travel Grant' in the subject bar.

To be eligible for a travel grant, you must be travelling from outside of Northern Ireland and have paid for commercial accommodation during your stay (this means that we don't offer travel grants if you are staying with friends and family). To see a list of some of our recommended accommodations, please see our 'Travel' section on the menu above. 

Please note that travel subsidies are not available in conjunction with any other discounts.