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Flexible Payment Plans | Terms & Conditions

When you enter into a payment plan with Titanic Creative Management Ltd, you give permission for your chosen Credit/Debit Card to be processed on the agreed date and payment amount.

When you adhere to your payment schedule there is 0% APR on the course fees. However, failure to keep to you scheduled payment plan may result in charges set out below:

  • In the event that a payment fails, Titanic Creative Management will notify the payee and they will be given 7 days to rectify this situation and will be charged £25 in addition to the payment due.
  • If the payment cannot be processed within 7days of the failed payment notification Titanic Creative Management will charge 5% interest on the payment due for each week it is late.
  • If a payment has not been processed within 8 weeks of the agreed date Titanic Creative Management reserve the right to begin legal action to ensure the payment plan will be completed by the payee.
  • By entering into a payment plan, you confirm that you accept all course bookings are subject to our Cancellation Terms & Conditions.