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Stuart Bray's 'Perfecting the Making & Colouring of Prosthetics' - 31st May & 1st June '21

  • £350.00

WHEN: 31st May & 1st June 2021 - 9.30am to 5.00pm

HOW MUCH: £350 [or pay £50 deposit followed by £50/month for 6 months on our PAYMENT PLAN - click here for more info]

WHERE: Titanic Creative Studio, Belfast | Travelling from outside of Northern Ireland? We have £50 travel grants available. Ask us for more details. (T&C's apply)

IS THIS COURSE FOR ME? Stuart is a very experienced and skilled prosthetics artist and teacher who can work with all levels. This course is a good introduction to using flat moulds and running pieces in silicone and effectively colouring them. 

Focusing on flat moulds for character work and wounds, this course will involve running the pieces from supplied flat moulds, then applying and colouring. 

This 2 day workshop will focus on the technique and process of casting excellent appliances from flat moulds (which we will supply for you to use) and learning the effective colouring processes to ensure your final piece is as realistic as possible.  

Casting appliances well is essential if you are going to produce pieces that are a good colour to match the subject’s skin and have feather thin edges that blend into surrounding skin seamlessly.

By applying pieces you have made from the professional quality moulds supplied, you will learn how to avoid the mistakes many make when running and colouring their own appliances.

We will cover:

  • How to mix a good base skin tone
  • How to prepare the mould
  • How to apply cap plastic
  • How to create amazing edges
  • How to fix common problems
  • Applying a flawless prosthetic
  • Painting and colouring your prosthetics.
  • Safe & effective removal of prosthetics.

    All materials and sculpting tools provided by Titanic Creative

    ABOUT THE ARTIST: Stuart Bray is a freelance special effects makeup artist working in the film and television industry since 1994. His extensive credits include Saving Private Ryan, The Mummy 1 & 2, Gladiator, Shaun of the Dead, Dr Who, Stardust, Game of Thrones, Giri Haji and the new BBC/Netflix 'Dracula'. He specializes in all the processes involved in making prosthetic appliances and make-up effects from design, sculpting, moulding, casting and application.

    Over the last decade he has also been a visiting tutor for a number of makeup schools as well as running his own special effects workshops. He runs the popular FX podcast 'Battles With Bits Of Rubber' with fellow FX artist Todd Debreceni, author of 'Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen'.

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