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We have a few jam-packed weeks ahead of us

Posted by Titanic Creative Management on

Over the course of the next couple of weeks we really have crammed in as much opportunity and excitement as we possibly could! We strive to provide professional training perfect for any time of the year! Visit to book.
Limited places remaining.
We look forward to seeing regulars, member's and introducing new comers.
Maria Malone-Guerbaa's Demonic Dolls Face Painting Masterclass, Sat 8th Oct, only £150. Transform yourself with world famous artist Maria Malone-Guerbaa in this one day workshop. Create incredible illusions, play around with different styles and colours and stand out from the crowd. Bring your Demonic Doll alive! Just in time for Halloween!
Maria Malone-Guerbaa's Pop Art Face Painting Masterclass, Sun 9th Oct, only £150.
Create magnificent illusions with techniques by world famous artist Maria Malone-Guerbaa in this one day workshop. Turn yourself into anything you desire with these skills! Your friends and family will not recognize you!

(Discount available when booking the full Maria Malone-Guerbaa weekend)
Brian Kinney's Ultimate Zombie Masterclass, Sat 8th-Sun 9th Oct, only £350.
Cast, mould and apply your zombie creations using different materials over Brian's very own product called 'The Hurt Box' (Designed, created and manufactured by Brian himself) He will give lots of hints and tips into achieving a perfectly dead and decomposing zombie look! You will be able to design your very own Zombie creation and use these techniques anywhere!

Plus receive a 10% off voucher at the course towards your very own Hurt Box!
Mark Maher's Orc-Inspired Prop Weapon Masterclass, Fri 21st-Sun 23rd Oct, only £500.
Mark is considered one of the fields leading prop-makers! Our most recent course was sold-out and a HUGE success, the feedback was incredible and Mark was SO impressed with the class he actually invited everyone to this studios near Dublin for work experience! Now you have another chance to get in on the action! This course will cover designing/creating, sculpting, moulding, casting and painting your very own, super realistic prop weapon!
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We love giving back and rewarding your loyalty!

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