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Successful applicants can now receive up to 50% bursary support towards advanced training courses!

Titanic Creative Management are aware that for many talented emerging artists these courses are financially restricted due to such things as personal circumstances or lack of experience.

Our aim is to support emerging artists in accessing exclusive Titanic Creative Management courses and produce highly skilled and professional artists from a variety of backgrounds, who are equipped to work at the highest levels in hair, makeup and costume in the Creative Industries.
Master prosthetics and how to successfully run and apply them with Stuart Bray - He has worked on a number of features including Saving Private Ryan, The Mummy 1 & 2, Gladiator, Blade 2, Shaun of the Dead and most recently on Season 4 of the HBO show Game of Thrones working for Barrie Gower.
Learning how to sculpt the perfect mould that will result in a quality cast that can be used again and again! We will do this with a variety of materials so you can identify the pro's and con's.

Get to grips with the art and technique of mould making for prosthetics and props. This intense course will bring you through each and every topic involved with mould making including safety, preparation, floating, coring and much more - Definitely not to be missed! Dan Frye has one of the world’s most sought after prosthetic artists and has worked on worldwide blockbusters such as HBO’s Game of Thrones, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Prometheus, Shaun of the Dead and more...)


...Fund in your future and develop your skills.

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