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Huge Success on Richard Martin's Hyper Real Skin Painting

Posted by Titanic Creative Management on

And that's a wrap!!

On Friday 9th June, we welcomed the fantastic Richard Martin (MUA on Dr Who, A Fantastic Fear of Everything, Casualty, Lady Gaga’s 'Born This Way' video, Hercules,Victor Frankenstein and more) to Titanic Creative Studios to teach a full house of 14 eager students the art of 'Hyper Real Skin Painting', an art-form highly sought after in industry.   

To kick off, Richard held a demonstration to help students understand how to create a realistic silicone skin using pigment and Flocking (ahem...our very own flocking from Titanic FX!) He followed this, going into detail about translucency and how to ensure the translucency is correct, adjusting this with flocking, then adding paint to create the rest of the effect. Following this Richard explained how to make silicone paint, how to matt silicone and colour theory! 

Then it was our fabulous fourteens chance to give it a go! First thing was first- Students needed to cast their own face to paint, with Richard Martin on hand throughout the day to offer one to one direction... And here are the results (beyond impressed with this talented bunch)!!

 Want to hear what our students really thought of the course, check it out;

"Richard was really great. Gave so much information in such a short period and was always on hand to reassure and help" Mairhead Moreland.

 "Probably my favourite course as painting is so important, it can make or break a piece. Learnt more than paintingm the pre colouring silicone was ace!" Sarah Blair

"Very Enjoyable, great experience and would highly recommend" Amanda McDowell

It was an intensive two days, understanding and painting the intricacies of the human skill, but our students really rose to the challenge with the helping hand of one of the master that is Richard Martin. We are thrilled to have another fantastic course under our belts at Titanic Creative Studios, and so impressed with the professionalism and talent on display from our 14 artists!

A massive thank you to Richard Martin for running this incredible course with us, and for our students for all their hard work, which I think you would agree totally paid off!   

We were absolutely thrilled to have the support and sponsorship from Movie House Cinema's Artist Development fund on this and several of our other fantastic courses, that enabled two fantastic artists, Ciara Dunne and Lisa Hodge, the opportunity to take part in this once in a lifetime training thanks to 50% funding on the course offered by Movie House.  


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