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How cool would it be to see your name in credits of hit series Stranger Things!?

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Fancy seeing your name on the Credits of the Hit Show such as 'Stranger Things'??
Well! The Award-Winning Hollywood Sculptor Brian Wade's, the man behind the terrifying Demogorgan is coming to Belfast to share his skills! 
Brian Wade is an award winning special makeup effects artist turned character/creature designer and sculptor. With over 36 years of experience designing and creating characters and creatures for the film, and television industries, Brian’s television and film work includes; Stranger Things, Batman vs. Superman, Ender's Game, Van Helsing, Blade, The Blob, Stuart Little, The Terminator and John Carpenter's The Thing. He has also co-created and sculpted several large-scale video game character displays for  both Riot Games and Blizzard Entertainment as well as several characters for the licensed collectable figure industries. With over 115 credits in some of the greatest film and TV projects of the past three and a half decades, Brian has solidified himself as a true industry legend. 
This intensive week long course will be fun, productive, and great for networking with your fellow artists and like-minded creatives. By Friday at the close of class, you will have your very own Creature or Character Sculpt in oil base Chavant Clay as a wonderful memory of the lessons experienced in class, reflecting your newly refined skills and knowledge in creature creation.  Having a Creature or Character designed and sculpted to this standard will also be extremely useful when it comes to presenting your portfolio of work to potential clients.
Prior to the class it is very important for you, the student, to decide what the character should be. Please come to the class with a concept in mind that you would like to explore; something that has meaning for you.
Each participant will be sculpting on a life size head and shoulder armature which will be yours to take away after the course.

We also have £100 TRAVEL GRANTS available for those travelling from Outside of Northern Ireland. Ask us for more details.

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