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*BIG NEWS* Movie House Cinema's Artist Fund extended!

Posted by Titanic Creative Management on

We couldn't be happier to have Movie House Cinemas on board supporting students at Titanic Creative Management over the past year. They have already helped countless talented students gain access to top level training that otherwise would have been off limits to them. Artists have been supported through a range of specialties Brian Wade's Creature Maquette course, Richard Martin's Hyper Real Skin painting course and Brian Kinney's On Set Makeup. Learn more here.
Canan Spengler, one of the Movie House Artists said of the support she received from Movie House Cinemas, “I wouldn’t have been able to do a course at this level without the vital support from Movie House Cinemas – it was the greatest gift I have received in ages”. 
And the word is this funding is set to continue, with Movie House Cinemas offering four £250 bursaries towards not one, but TWO courses coming up this August and October and a massive 50% off Stuart Bray's Mould Making course
Danny Marie Elias's Beauty Prosthetics for Fashion Weekend is the first of these to receive additional funding through £250 bursaries. This course is completely new to Titanic Creative and is sure to appeal to any fashion loving, makeup mad students looking to take their makeup beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary. With a combination of prosthetics and high fashion makeup looks this course is sure to be a sell out!
You can enjoy a FAB 50% funding through Movie House Cinemas towards Stuart Bray's Mould Making Course- not to be missed! This is a five day intensive course and essential for any artists aspiring to work in prosthetics and props. 
Finally Dan Frye joins us in Belfast for his Anatomical Sculpting. Over two days students will learn about facial anatomy and how to sculpt a human face from the inside out starting from the skull, learning about muscles and skin textures and eventually how to add fantasy and character to a facial piece. This course is sure to suit anyone from prosthetics to fine artists, sculptors and even forensics/ scientifically minded people. With £250 bursary support towards this course, it's a must!
The opportunities are endless, so get applying for these fantastic funding opportunities through the incredible Movie House Cinemas Fund!!
A huge thank you again to the magnificent Movie House Cinemas Artist Fund for providing students with this once in a lifetime opportunity to access top level training. 

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