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Prosthetic makeup is a wonderful but complex art form. It is critical to get professional training in this field. You need to cast appliances well if you want to create realistic prosthetic pieces - Many artists don't realize the work that goes into running prosthetics.

Casting appliances from moulds is an unsung skill in the workshop, and in huge demand in the industry right now... The film industry here in Northern Ireland is booming and you need to skill up and be a part of it! TCM exist to provide professional training opportunities with the industry’s best artists.

Stuart Bray is one of the industry’s very best artists in prosthetics, he will be teaching here in Belfast from Mon 28th Nov - Fri 2nd Dec (10am-5pm) on our advanced week-long course Running and Applying Prosthetics - Stuart has worked in TV and Film for over two decades, on many major titles including Saving Private Ryan, Blade 2, Shaun Of The Dead, and Game Of Thrones.

Find out more about this course and why Stuart wants you to be part of it below…..

Stuart is adamant that artists working in this field really need to master the art of running prosthetics well, if you want to get somewhere in this industry you need to know how to do this to a professional standard. He has provided some excellent examples below to illustrate what he is going to achieve on this course.

Prosthetic pieces that have been applied badly (like the image below) occurs when the base colour is too pale, the texture is not heavy enough and the edges are clearly visible. It takes some serious skill to correctly apply prosthetics so they look as realistic as possible”

“Edges should be made ultra-thin, so the cap plastic is almost like a spiders web, strong enough to withstand handling yet thin enough to be blended seamlessly into skin. I will take you through the in's and out's of Prosthetics


“In this course we will address many materials such as silicones, gelatins, foam latex and pro-bondo transfers. A well run appliance will make a paint job easy and effective for minimum effort in application and maximum realism for the effect you are trying to create – From a bullet wound to a witch’s nose” 

This course is essential for any artist wanting to really master prosthetics and how to run and apply them successfully. Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your skill set, and career! Book online now

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