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Covid-19 Updates

Posted by Titanic Creative Education Ltd on

As you are aware, the Covid-19 Pandemic continues to wreak havoc throughout of lives and businesses and we are having to adapt and find our feet as we go. 

When the first lockdown of 2020 happened in March, we were hopeful that our courses could continue to run over the summer, however the lockdown lasted much longer than anyone anticipated. This resulted in our courses (which usually only run in the summer) having to be postponed to later in the year. 

These courses were then scheduled to run in November / December time. However, again we find ourselves in an even worse surge of Covid-19. We have a particularly difficult job to hold our courses as most of our students and all our tutors are international to Northern Ireland. We must thing of this when determining if we can continue to plan our courses. The second problem we have is that the education we specialise in is generally for the most, 'close contact'. 

Northern Ireland's close contact services have been hit especially hard in recent lockdowns, despite us spending a lot of money, time and effort to prepare our workshop area and updating our protocols. We were then ordered to close by the NI Executive for 5 weeks in November and again for another 2 weeks initially in December (this of course, may be extended). 

However, we don't just have to think about our own localised lockdowns in Northern Ireland, we have to think about our participants and what the lockdown situation is like in your countries and if you can actually even safely fly or travel to Northern Ireland. 

With all of this going on (and us being ordered to close again as part of the 'Close Contact' industry in Northern Ireland, we have had to postpone all of our 2020 courses until Springtime of 2021.

This of course is a huge blow to our business with a full year of no income at all.  They are really difficult times for everyone, especially small businesses like us.

We are really hopeful that 2021 will bring us brighter times and businesses like ours will have the chance to rebuild. In the meantime, we with you health and happiness and will hopefully see you in the new year. 

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